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Vacation Rentals

Rent vacational rentals on Jaco Beach via sites like Airbnb.com  and stay in wonderful fully serviced apartments and condos with multiple bedrooms, full kitchens, balconies and more!

Hotels and Resorts

Lodging options in Jaco Costa Rica and its neighbors Herradura and Playa Hermosa are varied and can suit all budgets and traveler types. From sharing a room at a hostel, to staying in a million-dollar Condo overlooking the Ocean, there is a property that is right for your holidays.

We will leave you here our hotel’s selection for you to have an idea of what to expect while in the area.

Crocs Casino Resort

Croc´s Casino Resort is one of the newest properties in Jaco, opening its doors in 2015. It’s a proper skyscraper for Costa Rica standards, and looms over the area with its 17 floors. The beachfront property boasts modern and comfortable amenities and guestrooms. Its differentiator and draw is its own Casino, featuring Las Vegas style gaming facilities, such as slot machines and blackjack tables.

Families here have a great time as kids will love its three connecting pools and waterslide, and adults will experience its diverse dining options and bars, as well as its relaxing menu of services at the spa. Something for everyone steps away from Jaco’s lively main strip, and a good base from which to live your Jaco experience while vacationing in Costa Rica.

Club del Mar

Club del Mar is an excellent option for those who want to stay in Jaco in a more private setting a little further away from the action. This beachfront hotel offers different lodging options, from comfortable guestrooms to fully equipped condos. Its two-story buildings are connected by lush gardens and a pool, all walking distance from the ocean. Its restaurant and wrap around bar offers international meals and freshly whipped cocktails as well as an ample wine list.

This is a great option if you enjoy relax within few steps from the sand and sea.

Los Sueños Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort

Located in Herradura beach, only 10 minutes away from Jaco, Los Sueños Marriott is a beachfront oasis with all the luxuries and amenities of its global brand. Its jewel is the Golf Course, its manicured lawns flocked to by lovers of the sport or beginners alike.

Apart from the in house fine dining options and activities, property is walking distance from the Los Sueños Marina. The Marina has several restaurants, pastries and gelatos, shops, a spa and even a gourmet mart. It´s a lovely spot for a sunset drink, and to take off to a sports fishing adventure or sunset cruise.

The Costa Rica Marriott Brand is always an excellent option to stay, as travelers will be pampered with the best amenities and will feel like home.

Hotel Punta Leona

Punta Leona is located in Tarcoles, a district of Garabito. If driving from San Jose towards the Central Pacific, it’s located a little over an hour from the city. More than other one of the Costa Rica hotels, Punta Leona is a complex of lodging options, condos, private residences and two beaches.

This place is a wonderful option if you are traveling with your family. Once here, travelers will find that the list of activities inside their grounds include varied options such as walks on their trails, mini golf and tennis courts, soccer, water sports and more. You can plan your vacations in Costa Rica with your family and without worrying too much about it.

Best Western Jaco Beach All-Inclusive Resort

The Best Western Jaco Beach is one of the best-known properties in Jaco, and has been a favorite of tourists and locals for years. Its differentiator is its all-inclusive hotel meal program that goes from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at its three venues; from El Puerto Restaurant to its beachfront El Muelle Bar, as well as a varied list of beverages. They feature tennis and volleyball courts, pools for adults and children as well as varied entertainment options to enjoy during the Costa Rica family holidays.

Villa Caletas Hotel

The Villa Caletas Hotel is located on a ridge on the road towards Jaco, about 15 minutes north. This privileged location allows almost 360°-degree views from its lookout points at select spots on the property, and a trail that leads down to a private beach.

Villa Caletas is ideal for honeymooners as this boutique property boasts luxurious guestrooms, some including private balconies and Jacuzzis. The exquisite décor is different in every single room, and just walking through the hotel, restaurant and bar area is like visiting an art gallery.

Their open-air amphitheater is famous for its acoustics and spectacular sunset views. If you want an intimate, luxurious, secluded retreat with fine dining and romantic ambiance during the enjoyment of your Costa Rica vacation package, this is the ideal place for you.

But the property is not only ideal for your honeymoon, your Costa Rica wedding can be also celebrated here. We assure you that the romantic scenery will leave you speechless!

The Macaw Lodge

Macaw Lodge offers a distinct eco-friendly lodging option, deep in the forest in the hills of Turrubares, about an hour from the town of Jaco. The property was built on grounds purchased decades ago in order to preserve the eco-system of the Scarlet Macaw and other species.

Walk amongst their botanical garden, cleanse your lungs and admire the colorful plants and flowers as well as birds, butterflies and other species that make the area their home. Their “farm to table” sustainable kitchen uses organic ingredients from their own crops to prepare delicious meals with food for their guests.

Their expansive yoga deck flanked by bamboo trees is also a guest favorite. If a lush rainforest oasis in close contact with the nature and away from the bustle of town is what you are searching for, Macaw Lodge is the place for you.

Villa Lapas Rainforest Eco-Resort

Villa Lapas is a reserve which borders the Carara National Park (more information below under National Parks). Immersed in a rainforest, the property is ideal for birdwatchers and nature lovers. A unique feature is the Sky Walk on its property, a network of five suspended bridges that allow you to walk through the forest canopies at an altitude up to 180 feet above the ground.

They also feature “Santa Lucia Town”, replicating a quaint Costa Rican village, complete with its own chapel, cantina and restaurant, conceptualized for weddings and other special events.

Jaco Costa Rica Weather

Jaco is located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, at sea level. Its lush hills can be seen from the beach, and as you travel inwards the vegetation changes. It starts out as dry tropical forest and turns into a rainforest. The temperature here oscillates from a maximum of 34°C (93°F) to a minimum of 20°C (68°F).

Rainy season goes from May through December, and the hills and vegetation are even more verdant and lush. Due to Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator, hours of sunlight are 12 hours a day every day, with just a few minutes’ variance, no need for daylight savings here.